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Peace + Productivity
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Coming in 2024

Are you thriving, or barely surviving? Most of us, whether we feel like things are ‘good enough’ or are struggling to get through the day, have a tendency to over-focus on the “productivity” factors – such as professional achievement and career growth - while leaving the fundamentals, the “peace” factors such as physical health, emotional wellness, intellectual creativity, personal adventures, and life joy - on the back-burner, always planning to attend to them ‘someday’ but rarely doing so.

In her upcoming book, “Peace + Productivity: Creating a Rhythm That Works Personally and Professionally”, Kim Taylor offers a fresh, uber-practical approach to leveraging new perspectives and making decisions which change our experiences and outcomes for the better – in our personal lives (Peace) and in our professional lives (Productivity).  Written for career professionals, by a career professional, the book rings true with humor, “tell it like it is” insights, and a bulls-eye look at the realities of career professionals and the imbalance they struggle with year after year.

Based on insights from her own journey, as well as those of clients, colleagues and friends, the book makes a convincing argument for starting at peace, not at productivity.  Enjoy the journey as Kim shares the key steps to getting on your personal path, critical points of success, and the common, nearly invisible, traps that can lead to failure… aka “ground hogs day”.

If you’d like to know when the book is available or want to be appraised of events around the launch of the book, add yourself to the waitlist and we’ll be sure to notify you.

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People are Talking
"Captivating and extremely professional!  Kim’s ability to keep our attention was outstanding.  I’ve been to many conferences before and the topic of executive presence and personal branding is not a new one but the way Kim presented it shed an entirely new light on the subject for me.  I am truly inspired to be a better leader from what I heard today."  

Wharton CHRO Program / May 2022
"Kim thinks through scenarios for corporate learning experiences from multiple perspectives and develops a very aligned approach that requires minimal tweaking. She always creates a comprehensive approach that meets the stated, and unstated, needs of the whole team.  It’s quite amazing actually as she just “gets it” almost immediately."

R.D. / Chicago, IL
"The first thing I realized working with Kim is how extremely committed she is to her clients.  She listened to my concerns about my team but she could also “hear the team” behind my comments.  It was somewhat stunning how she was able to accurately gauge the larger pulse and identify what would be most effective from a holistic perspective."

Janice / Minneapolis, MN
"Kim was a fantastic facilitator for our CMO/Marketing Sr. Leadership Team offsite.  She listened to the needs of our team, designed a thoughtful agenda, spent ample time preparing and learning about the team, was highly flexible during the event, and brought knowledge, expertise, and loads of energy that kept our group focused and on task."

Jaime W / Los Angeles, CA
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