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Without question, the biggest challenge organizations face in successfully executing on their business strategy is the (dire) state of professional (dis) engagement and (lack of) personal wellbeing of their employees.  Painful, yes.  Resolvable, absolutely!

Are you a leader who would like to generate authentic engagement and transformational outcomes in your organization?  Are you a career professional who is seeking to elevate your effectiveness and value to your organization, bring a new level of leadership to those around you, and (finally) make measurable progress on your personal priorities at the same time?

I’m Kim Taylor and I help organizations and individuals create new ways of working which integrate and align people values with business priorities in order to maximize peace and enhance productivity! Schedule a brief discovery conversation to learn more.

The Zen Within
Aligning personal priorities with professional aspirations
for a balanced way of living & working

The Zen Within® helps bring about transformative change for individuals and organizations. Through customized keynotes and workshops that are both motivating and practical, clients will find new perspectives, approaches, and tools on critical leadership concepts to help bring clarity, focused action, and measurable progress to both professional and personal priorities.  

For Organizations

Team Alignment & Development Workshops
Custom Corporate Offsites for Enhanced Performance
1:1 Executive Coaching
Keynote Speaking & Event Emcee

For Individuals

Many coaching programs focus on either the professional you or the personal you, but rarely integrate both. The Zen Within® is an invitation to re-center personal values and reset vital professional energy and focus.

1:1 Personalized Coaching
Moksha Retreats for Health & Wellbeing

Events & Retreats

Moksha Retreats - 3-Day retreats designed for working professionals seeking to reset and re-align personal priorities and professional aspirations. If you're feeling burned-out, overwhelmed, and exhausted from your day-to-day life and work demands, attend a Moksha Retreat to rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit.

Enhanced Performance Custom Corporate Retreats - Leadership Team offsites designed to meet the strategic and tactical needs of your business. Specialized workshops include strategic planning and prioritization, team alignment and collaboration, effective decision making, leadership development, public and interpersonal communication, and productive conflict for enhanced outcomes.

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People are Talking
"I wanted to thank you for the energy in the discussion yesterday with our CHRO group. I am a person who is usually averse to 'zen'. I listened and understand now more than I ever have before, and most of that was your technique.

I just wanted to let you know that you have caused me to REALLY look within and a self-journey began yesterday that I have been fighting for some time. You created a  confrontation with myself to begin, and it was from your excitement and the 'feel' of your presentation."

Louisville, KY

"Kim delivered a combination keynote / training session last night and she absolutely CRUSHED it! The level of honest candor, vulnerable self-reflection, and 'ah ha' insights that was felt in only two hours was incredible.

The way that Kim facilitated was honest, authentic, and approachable. This is a talent: being both credible and approachable. The way you command a room without being commanding is incredible."

Chicago, il

"I recently had the pleasure of having Kim Taylor speak to our group. To say that Kim was impressive would be an understatement. To say that Kim was engaging and passionate does not do her justice. I was absolutely blown away at how deftly she worked the room. Her passion was fierce, and her energy was focused. Because of Kim, the level of engagement from the room was off the charts, exemplified by one of the participants pulling me aside and telling me. 'Usually I zone out after about 20minutes, but 2 hours later I am still on the edge of my seat.'"

Orlando, FL

"Your session today couldn't be more fortuitous. I've been feeling the weight professionally and personally and the worst part is that I didn't even know it.

Had my annual doctor's appointment last week and my doc said 'hey you're working too hard' So today's session was very personal for me. I'm actually out on my second walk of the day as I sent this note. #ProtectingMyZen"

London, England

"I've found that taking more control of my calendar has allowed me more energy towards the end of the week - a very welcome change - and finding time for my brain not to be in overdrive during endless meetings has been a very good start.

Many thanks for your time and guidance! I really enjoyed our session and have taken meaningful action on the priorities we discussed."

Chicago, il

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